Bearfights and Undying support for the Philadelphia Union

We are the other supporters’ group. At home or away we are always there to support our club. Strength through bearfighting.

You don’t need to drink to be one of us, but you will probably start drinking after you get to know us.

If you would like to join or learn more info on the brigade (and you should), please contact us using the "contact" page, or the "become a member" page located in the navigation.

REMEMBER: We do not support and allow nor do we endorse underage drinking. And always drink responsibly. Everybody is different, know your limit.

Friends of the Bearfight Brigade

  • Sons of Ben
  • The Illigitimates
  • The Corner Creeps
  • The Bridge Crew
  • The Tamminy Saints
  • The 101ers
  • Jukebox Zeros
  • Explosive Head
  • The Boils
  • Monster Energy Drink
  • The American Outlaws
  • Charlie W Photography