• Jeremy, Wayne, and JustinBear Fight!

  • An average afternoon fight... sometimes one isn't enough.

  • River Endppl park

What we are about.

Our Union match pledge. We are SoB's, Illigetitmates, Creeps, Saints, and Bridge Crew. We will be in every section of PPL Park, every Union match. We will bring noise and energy to every Union match, home or away, for 90+ minutes. By sheer will power, we will convert the masses at PPL to sing as loud as the can for 90+ minutes. We will support our club. We will create a hostile environment for all visiting supporters and clubs to PPL Park. We will help the SoB's, the fans, and all supporters groups make PPL Park the toughest place for any visiting club in MLS to play. We will be the warriors, the front line. We will do whatever it takes to help our Union boys achieve victory. We are the Bearfight Brigade. If you don't like us, SOMB!

(We don't not believe in, nor do we support, violence in any form as a means of soccer support or as any part of the supporters culture. We may be ultras, but we are NOT hooligans)

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BearFights and undying support for the Philadelphia Union and US Soccer!

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